Skincare before application of foundation

As a modern woman, you need to have a complete makeup kit. The right application of your make up will help enhance your looks. However, before applying your makeup, you have to make sure that you take care of your skin. Skincare foundation for oily skin is not as complicated as most people think. All you need to do is wash your face twice a day and apply sunburn oil whenever you are going to be out in the sun for prolonged hours. When your skin is well-taken care off, it just glows, and the right foundation application only enhances the natural beauty in you. Choosing the proper foundation also help your overall look, after applying your makeup, therefore, you should know the best makeup foundation for your skin. If you are just beginning out with your makeup here are some tips you should consider.

Skin type


A thing that separates a perfect look from the rest is the knowledge of your skin type. Most ladies buy that skin foundation they see on an advertisement without knowing if it is the right one for their skin type. People with dry skin can get a skin foundation that helps hydrate their skin and make it glow. Those with oily skin can also get a foundation that helps control sweating and make their skin look soft and healthy.

Skin care

For the makeup to bring out the beauty of your skin. You should start by taking care of your skin. This means you should wash your face with warm water twice a day. Wash your face in the morning as you wake up and at night before you go to bed. Washing your face helps unclog your skin poles making you face release any toxins that may be building up under your poles.

Sun burns

skinfoundationaWhenever you are on holiday you may forget and gets a little careless with taking care of yourself. Sunburn can easily damage your skin. Applying a foundation to a damaged skin can irritate your face and even lead to more skin damage. If you want your foundation to blend well with your skin tone, you should use sunscreen to avoid sunburns.


Use of scrubs

Before applying your makeup, it is essential to get rid of the overlying dead skin. Getting rid of dead skin enhances the glow and keeps the skin radiant. Scrubbing your face makes your skin look healthy and smooth, it also helps to remove dark spots.


acne mask h62

Simple but highly effective homemade acne masks

Homemade acne masks can help clear the blemishes and zits on the face. It is highly recommended by experts to try them. However, you need to be persistent and patient whenever you try home remedies. Remember that every person is unique and no single remedy can work for everyone. Thus, you need to try some remedies to know which can work for you and which does not. You can check some of acne masks at The following are some effective homemade acne masks you can try:

Oatmeal mask

Mix oatmeal with water until you make a paste. The mixture can be cooked for about three minutes and then allowed to cool. Apply the paste to the face and give it about 20 minutes. It will remove dead skin cells, and it will unclog the pores.skincare 5rf

Egg white mask

This is a homemade acne mask which is made using egg white. You need to remove the egg yolk and whip egg white to achieve a frothy texture. You should then apply it to the face and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash off your egg white using with water. This is quite important reducing redness and tightening skin pores. It is regarded as a top remedy for pimples.

Tumeric mask

You can mix equal amounts of turmeric powder and sandalwood in water to make a smooth acne mask. You can then apply it to the acne. Give it about 40 minutes before washing with water. The good thing about this mix is that it contains both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also produces a good soothing effect. It is advisable to use it on a daily basis until you achieve excellent results.

Baking soda mask

mask-acne-0ywIt can be used to treat pimples. However, it might not work for some skin types. If you mix it with water to create a fine acne mask, it can work. You need to apply the mask on the face and give it about 15 minutes. Then wash it off using water. Ensure you use it on a regular basis to get a blemish free skin.

If any of these homemade acne masks work, then you can easily clear acne from your face quite quickly. It is possible to get rid of blemishes and pimples permanently. Ensure you follow the above procedures. In fact, there is no need of purchasing expensive skincare products that do not work and have harmful side effects.…