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Aug 23
Fotog Friday: Why Rebrand?

A few weeks ago, I asked for my readers to submit questions they’d like to see answered on Fotog Friday. I received SO many wonderful questions and amazing ideas for Fotog Friday topics… I’m so excited to address as many of these as I can in the coming weeks! One question was asked about rebranding […]


Business Tips | Fotog Friday
Aug 9
Fotog Friday: Your Questions Answered!

I can’t say it enough… THANK YOU for your feedback, your questions, and your ideas. I read every single one and I have a LONG list of future Fotog Friday topics (and even ideas for a mini-series, too!) so thank you again for your help! While most of the questions deserve an entire post (and will get an entire post in the near future!) there were a few…


Fotog Friday | Q&A
Aug 2
Fotog Friday: Questions?

From time-to-time I have to remind myself to pause and make sure that I haven’t fallen off the wagon! Let’s be honest here – it’s SO easy for me to blah, blah, blah on my blog every single day and completely lose touch with my readers without even REALIZING it! I’m not saying that has happened, but what I AM saying is that I want to…


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Jul 26
Fotog Friday: Shooting Details in Difficult Places

On a wedding day, you truly never know what you’ll walk into. Every bride and setting will all be different and it’s my job to be prepared to tackle ANYTHING and make it look beautiful! I recently found myself in a more difficult shooting situation and was working hard to overcome my surroundings. For me personally, I always prefer to shoot in…


Fotog Friday | Shooting Tips | Wedding Tips
Jul 19
Fotog Friday: Client Meetings at Home

One of the exciting parts of owning your own business is being able to evaluate what is working and what isn’t working and actually DO something about it! If you’ve been following my blog this week, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching, trying to figure out solutions to the problems I’ve been facing – the biggest one being…