A guide to the fashion industry

Rising to the top in the fashion industry requires precision, calculation, and innovation. The best parties and fashion shows are associated with champagne and designer clothing. Popular movies such as The Devil Wears Prada offers insights into what goes on in the industry. However, the negative depiction is not entirely accurate.


The life of a fashion editor offers a lot of allure. This is not entirely true as a lot of interviews, events, goodies, and photo shoots. Unlike conventional careers such as law or medicine, there is no definite formula required to achieve success in this industry. You can pursue various courses in fashion or apply for internships with major brands to gain insights as to how the industry operates.

Investing in skills

This requires one to know more about the trade they are getting involved in. It requires one to enroll themselves in online learning platforms or fashion design schools. This provides information and insights into patterns, cuts, sketching, and stitching. Conducting thorough research is essential as it helps you specialize in your niche as a distinguished designer. The more one learns, the more their desire to learn grows. Learning remains a continuous process and accepting that you lack adequate knowledge provides you with the focus to learn much more.

Emphasis on branding

A single paragraph is inadequate to describe branding. A brand majorly comprises of image and identity. You will focus on your logo, name and the product. To be effective, the three must be working synonymously. Branding requires posing suitable questions on your designs and taking time to write down the elements that make the brand stand out from competitors. It is essential to identify your target market and work directly towards it. A clear brand sets you apart as a top designer and maintains the product value. Always ensure that your brand resonates well with all customers as brand failure can result in the collapse of the entire project.


On the other hand, rebranding is simple. A project begins with a vision, slogan, and name. However, its growth results in changes and edits. Once we reassess the elements, it is crucial to modify your brand regularly. Starting and running a designer label can be likened to business and runs on various principles.

The level of awareness

In every industry, it is important to maintain your knowledge on any new developments. This can help us find out what is happening locally and internationally. At this point, one must develop an interest in learning. There is a lot of resources available such as documentaries, magazines, books, and short videos. Check out lularoe official youtube for some of the best fashion-related videos. Always remain informed on what your top competitors are up to. In line with these developments set for yourself, targets and benchmarks that will help you as a designer and this will trickle down to your brand.

Keep tabs on your progress

FASHION MODELLook at what you were doing at your previous place of work. Look for ways in which you can improve and build on that progress. Competition exists, however, compete with yourself and set your best time. This helps you remain relevant to you and your customers.…

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Aug 23
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Rebekah, this is SO GREAT. Good advice and love how much you share of your own journey. Your new brand is PERFECTLY you and I agree with Abby and Katelyn, it matches the quality of your work! Love it!

This is a fantastic answer Rebekah! Great advice about when its the right time to rebrand and the overall experience/feeling you want your clients to take from your work.

ps…i freaked out when i saw my name on your blog!! i have been following your work for a couple years now and i had to do a double take when I saw my name:)

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Sydni Jackson
I love your new look!! I do think the new layout shows off your work much better. Congrats on the change!!

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Erin S.
Thanks for this reminder to not wait until you have the perfect branding to do something… anything!… to get started. 🙂

Stephanie Messick
AH! Loving your new branding!!! It’s fresh and PERFECT! Congrats Rebekah!!!

Aug 20
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Jen Olmstead
I love seeing all of the inspiration here! You did a fantastic job of first creating the general stuff, then really intentionally digging deep in specific areas, which made it so easy and enjoyable for me to take the concepts and apply them through the filter of YOU and YOUR brand.

You can totally tell how everything evolved to be really specific to you, and not just a general pile of stuff you …